Web links not working

I shared Web links to complete surveys. My participants are reporting the links do not open on all browsers. What could be the issues

Ask your team to copy the URL and then paste it into the browser. When trying to use browsers to collect data request your team to use some modern (updated) browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

We are having the same issue here. None of the links I copy from kobo toolbox are accessible by individuals with just a link. They are asked to sign-in to Kobo Toolbox or the form does not load. Can someone help! We have tried copy and paste the survey link as well without lukc. We are all using Chrome browsers. Appreciate any help to get this survey launched to our respondents via the web.

Please advise!

Welcome to the community, @EllaFowler! Are you trying to collect data with Enketo and you see a login error message? Could you also share with the community the screenshot of the message that you see? Maybe that should be helpful for us to visualize your issue pictorially.