Webinar about KoBoToolbox Form-Design on 6th & 7th October

Hello KoBoToolbox users!

Just letting folks know that I’m once again running a free, live, 1-hour masterclass for KoBoToolbox users who love data collection, and are interested in learning more!

This is a great opportunity for you to share with colleagues who might be new to KoBoToolbox or who are looking to really build up their beginner-level skills.

Almost 500 people signed up for the free webinar last time, it was such a cool vibe, and I’m super excited to open it up again to others who may be interested in attending!

(If you’re interested in attending, click here to go to the registration page).

The masterclass is called “The 6 Form-Design Elements to Master in KoBoToolbox to go from Beginner to Pro”.

In it, I cover:

  • The 3 Types of Data organisations need to be collecting in order to scale their reach and increase their impact.
  • The most common data cleaning pitfalls in KoBoToolbox and how to minimize wasted time cleaning up data after the data’s already come in
  • How “The D.E.S.I.G.N. Approach” can help you master digital form design in KoBoToolbox
  • The upcoming training course starting again this month that will help you and your teams master the how-to details in KoBoToolbox form design.

There are open slots next Wednesday and Thursday (6th & 7th October 2021).

Here’s the link to register, with a bit more info, including the time in your local timezone.

At the end of the masterclass/webinar, I’ll also be letting you know how you can join the "Mastering Form Design in KoBoToolbox" training course, starting on 25th October. If you’re interested in that, registration is only open for a couple of weeks - full details will be presented during the webinar. Feel free to get in touch directly if you’re interested in that.

Okay, hope this is helpful

Please share the link with your network if it would be useful to them: https://www.humanitariandatasolutions.com/masterclass

Talk soon,

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