What are the best specification to install KoBo on my own server?

Hi everyone!

I pretend to start a new server with KoBo, with maybe 100 users and 500,000 data per form.
What do you think is the best RAM and CPU?

Thanks a lot!

Maybe this support article Installing KoBoToolbox on a Local Computer and this one Installing KoBoToolbox on Your Own Servers should help you provide the details that you are seeking.

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Hello @SebastianZ,

It’s really hard to respond to that. It depends of lots of things. If all your users are connected at the same time and they are submitting at the same time, you are going to need lots of CPU.
PostgreSQL is configured to start with 2 GB of RAM by default, but I would recommend 4 GB at a bare minimum. You don’t have a lot of users but 500 000 submissions per form is really huge. Exports will take a long time to complete. This can have side effects on other parts of the applications. Exports will need lots of RAM and CPU.
FYI: The smallest configuration we are managing is using a quad-core CPU and 16 GB of RAM.


Thanks friend!

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