What does the 'instances' folder contain?

I have been trying to understand the USB method of backing up data from my android tablet to a local system. The objective is to understand how the data collection will function in absence of internet.

  1. What does the ‘instances’ folder exactly contain? Finalized and submitted survey responses? Partially complete survey responses?
  2. Where are the partially complete (but not finalized and submitted) survey responses stored?
  3. Are the partially complete survey responses (but not finalized and submitted) backed up when the ‘instances’ folder is copied to the local system? If not, how can these be backed up?
  4. I understand that re-uploading changes in the same form can result in duplicates in data. Is it okay to back up and name the data specifically by date, and then upload the latest back up only to KoBo to avoid duplicates? If this is not a good idea, please can you suggest a solution?


@yashukalera, seems like most of the queries have already been answered in our previous post: