What happens to the submissions that are ‘disapproved’?


The non-profit that I work for has been using the KOBO database to track the progress of the homes that have been adapting the health principles that we promote. We’ve been able to ‘approve,’ ‘disapprove’, and put ‘on hold’ the accounts of the houses we’ve reviewed. but we’d like to know if there is a way to know what happens to the accounts that are ‘disapproved’ (do they disappear, or are they populated somewhere else in the database?). We’d also like to know if we can run a report of the approved homes and not approved homes separately.

Thank you

Welcome to the community @farmstew! Please be informed that the data/submissions that you have approved or not approved simply stays in the dataset with a label i.e. approved if you have approved and so on based on how you validate your submissions/cases. Note, the not approved cases does not get deleted from the server. This is simply a checklist to mark that you have reviewed the submissions/cases from your server. Maybe you could have a look at our support article Record Validation for further understanding.

Grouping by validation status for a custom report is not available at the moment with KoBoToolbox. Maybe you could download your data in an excel format (or any other applications) and perform additional graphs/bars as required.

Thank you very much @Kal_Lam! This was helpful.

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