What is a row number in a form and how can i locate it in a form while I am editing it?

I am getting an error while deploying a form. The error is referred to a row number. How can I locate that row number in the form?

Hi @suranjana,

Welcome to the community! It’s easy to understand if you download your survey project in xlsform from. The row number is the horizontal line seen in the Excel sheet.

You could download your xlsform from your KoBoToolbox user account as shown in the image below (and check out the row number as instructed in the error message dialogue box):

Thank you very much.

It worked. I could deploy the form after changing that question. I still cannot figure out why this was showing up as an error. A similar occurance is happened in another question, but that was not recognised as an error.

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Hi, I had the same problem with @suranjana where I couldn’t deploy a form with an error message of unicode 0x8. However the error message says line 856- column 14 (on XML file) has issue, but there is no line 856 in my excel sheet (see image below - all tabs have only 1xx lines). Can you help me figure this out? @Kal_Lam Thanks so much!!
I have also checked the XML file Line 856 but couldn’t figure out where the issue is!!

Welcome to the community, @HaTNcfv! Would you also mind sharing a screenshot of your issue? Have you also validated your XLSForm through this online validator? Maybe this online validator should help you identify the syntax issues present within your XLSForm.

Thanks I figured it out! I used Sublimetext to show the XML line number and fixed the question!

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