What is the syntax for sharing permissions for multiple specific users?

I would like to edit the field “View submissions only from specific users” (shown in the attached image) to grant view submissions privileges to multiple users (user1 user2 … userN). What is the syntax to do that?
Thank you!

@andrea_ageon, our support article should be able to help you solve this issue:

Dear @Kal_Lam,
I saw the article before posting and it did not contain the answer to my question.
In case kaylan1 has to have view submissions privileges for both kalyan2 and kalyan3 what is the configuration?
How do I insert multiple users in the specific field? Is there a syntax to do it or every user can only share permissions with a single other user?

I forgot the attachment in the post so I add it here

Hi @andrea_ageon,

With comma , and no spaces between usernames. Like user1,user2,userN

Hope this helps.


Or you could also make different sharing permissions for each user.

Thanks! I will check it out

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If I click on “Add user” and write a User for which there is already a rule it will change the previous rule with the new one instead of appending it.

So for my case, the solution was the one suggested by @hakan_cetinkaya

Thank you both for answering so quickly and helping me with this matter.