What might cause Save Draft to fail in Enketo?

I had a user of an Enketo online/offline form report an issue with the Save Draft feature I have not heard of before. After she saves a draft and exits the browser, the draft seems to disappear. I am unlikely to get followup information from this user, but here’s the procedure she described:

  1. Open the form and make edits.
  2. Go to the end, check Save as Draft and then click Save Draft. Confirm the draft name.
  3. Exit the browser.
  4. Open the browser and navigate back to the form. The number in the queue in the upper right is 0 – no draft.

I am thinking it may be an issue with security settings suppressing local storage. Any suggestion how I might test that assumption by tinkering with my own settings on Chrome?

Hi @aepstein,

Has your issue been solved?


I would like to check if you have a solution to the issue as I am facing the same.

I would appreciate if anyone could help.


Hi @opcw_budget,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind listing out the steps you followed and the problem you face. This should help the community to identify your issue and help you solve out.


Hello, my name is Aymara, i have a problem with my draft surveys, when people fill out the form, and press the Save Draft button, the form disappears, How can I retrieve the information previously filled out and saved?

Thank you very much.
Aymara Llanque

Hi @aymarallanque,

Would you also let us know the browser you are using?


I m using google Crome. Thank you.


Hi @aymarallanque,

Would you mind uninstalling chrome and installing a fresh (latest updated version of chrome) and see if it solves your issue.


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Hi, I am facing the same issue on Google (last version). Is there a chance to retrieve the data?

Hi @marialombardo,

Would you mind explaining a bit more so that we better understand your issue and provide way-out for the same.

Have a great day!

I solved it, thanks. After having filled the form using the latest version of Google Chrome, we clicked on save as draft and then save project but we couldn’t find the draft because we were searching for it in the landing page, where alle the projects are displayed.
Today I reopened the form and I noticed a squared parenthesis on the left. I clicked and I found the draft. Thanks!

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