What's the best way to secure a Kobo account used across the organization from rogue employees?

Hi Team,

My organization just started using Kobo and we are dabbling with an important question around data security.

Our whole organization is currently using a single login, and wanted to figure out what’s best way of securing that one account.

A scenario: say we have a rouge employee who before leaving the organizations locks out everybody by changing the admin email and password, thereby taking control of all the data. We have explored the idea of changing password regularly, but this isn’t something we can do everyday (and definitely not every hour).

Moreover, we don’t want each employee to have their own account because we want to maintain a single question library that everybody can use to create forms (this is also important because we want to maintain standardization across the team, for how a question is asked - a common question library, we hope would serve that purpose).

Thoughts from others, on how to navigate this concern would be helpful. Thanks!


single login is a bad idea. I recommned the following route:

  1. all of the forms will be owned by an admin account.
  2. all other users will have regular accounts. start each kobo username with your org name. such as foo_ali_baba (if org name is foo. name ali and surname is baba)
  3. admin account will share forms with regular users. privileges may vary according to user roles
  4. when regular users login to kobo, they will see the forms shared and starts using those…

Hi @Prashant
In addition to the above, kindly note we do have articles that explain the process of sharing. You may also need to only create one or two data collection accounts only since getting multiple does not necessarily have any additional benefit other than control.


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