When can we have the survey results the latest?

When can we have the survey results the latest? or When can we get the most up-to-date version of the questionnaires after the surveys are filled?

Sorry did not understand your issue. Could you simplify it please?

time to see completed questionnaires as data

Did you mean, When shall I consider that the data collection for my survey project is complete?

yes absolutely

It depends how you mange your survey project. There are different ways and the most simple would be as follows:

  • You will first need an appropriate sample size.
  • You will also need to know the total number of enumerators you will be using for the survey. You will then need to divide the estimated sample size by the enumerators number and allocate that number to each enumerator so that each enumerator will have to collect the allocated number assigned to him/her.
  • You could then share the sample frame (as well as the sampled respondents) with the enumerator. Each enumerator will now collect his/her quota and report to the supervisor managing this information centrally.
  • To ensure that the enumerators has collected his/her quota you could always ensure the same through the survey project (from your KoBoToolbox user account).

Note: This is just an approach and you could always use different approaches depending upon the context.

when the surveys are completed, can I see the results immediately in the data field?

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Yes. As soon as the enumerators send the submissions you should be able to see them in your user account.

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