When I used Copy team from another project still showing old users in kobo collect

Hello Team

Today I copied 2000 users from one of our projects and override 500 users ( removed as per logic in the script)

it works fine in copy users but the problem is the old 500 users in kobo collect still seeing the project they don’t have access

Even after until fresh install new kobo collect user still old project they don’t have

Hi @Mdkhamru
Your last part of the statement was not so clear. Could you please confirm the following:

  • Did you want to remove the 500 old users?
  • Did you want to reactivate the 500 old users onto the same project.


Hello @stephanealoo

I was talking about survey sharing
Copy team from another project
This will overwrite any existing sharing settings defined in this project.( but users has been overwrite and they 500 users removed from survey

The survey is not showing in kobo web ui for 500 users but it still shows in kobo collect for fresh installation as well )

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Hi @Mdkhamru, thank you for reporting this. I have been able to reproduce this on my end and will create an issue on GitHub :+1:


@Mdkhamru, if you don’t want those previous users to have access to the form right now, I would suggest these possible work-arounds until the issue is fixed:

  • Add the old members back to the form and then remove them – this will correctly remove their access to the form and data
  • Since you are self-hosting, you could try cloning the project and its data through the shell and adding the team to the new asset

Hello @Josh

sure I will try this and thanks for assisting on this

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Hi @Mdkhamru you can track the issue here: