When printing a custom report you get the warning message, do we have a provision to remove this while printing in PDF?

Hi Kal. The thing is, is there a way of printing the report or saving it as PDF WITHOUT the warning message? Because even after checking the data the warning message remains there. So if I need to give the report to someone, that person will think that the data wasn’t checked.

Hi @Javier,

Thank you for bringing this to the forum discussions. Yes, you see a Warning message when viewing a custom report in the KoBoToolbox DATA>Reports as shown in the image below:

Similarly, you also see the same Warning message when printing the custom report as a PDF as shown in the image below:

Would you mind creating a suggestion regarding features improvement in the forum here. This should help us document new innovative ideas to drive KoBoToolbox ahead!

Thank you for your kind understanding in advance & expecting the same in the upcoming days as well!

Have a great day!

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