When remove users' permission from shared project/form ,still user in Kobo collect can see that form

Dear support team,
when we remove users’ permission from shared project/form ,still user in Kobo collect(mobile app) can see that form eventhought their permission is already removed.
any way to fix this issue please?

thank you

Kindly please be informed that once you share your project with another user (say enumerator’s account) the enumerator could configure and GET BLANK FORM to the Collect android app. This blank form then stays in the Collect android app even if you un-share the project that was shared with the enumerators account previously. However the thing is that the enumerator is not able to submit data to the un-shared project.

Maybe you could delete the blank form form the Collect android app manually if you do not wish to see these projects. FYR, here is a post discussed previously that should help you solve your issue:

Or, maybe our support article Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android should help you deal with your issue of KoBoCollect android app in detail.

thank you so much support team.Appreciated!

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