Why 0 and 1 appear in multiple selection questions in database excel file in Kobotoolbox?

Hi guys, I have a problem. I built my questionnaire and everything is fine, but when I download the data in xls, in the multiple selection questions it shows 0 and 1. Is there any way to bring the option name instead of 0 and 1? Help me please.

In the image, the red line is the format that comes out of kobo, but I would like it to be as it is in the green line.

Hi @Aroberto, have you tried exporting your data with the option “Export Select Many questions as…” set to “Single column”?


I’ve already tried, but it stays in the format that is in the red line. If I select only one column, it will only bring me column BK as shown in the image. if you select separate speakers, it will bring up only BL - BT speakers. But what I really want to know is if there is a way to make the 0 and 1 (red line) come as it is in the green line. Note: I made the green line manually just to illustrate what I need.

Hi @Aroberto, I see what you’re saying now. Please note that what you are observing is the way the export works for multiple select questions — the choice label is in the column name (in the format of question label/choice label) and if that choice was selected, the value will be 1, otherwise 0. So if you expand the column width in Excel, you will see the choice label in the header.


Yes, I’ve figured that out Josh and thanks again for being available. But, what I want to know is is there no way to bring the choice label in place of 0 and 1?

Hi @Aroberto, unfortunately there’s no option to do that directly from Kobo — you will have to do it in the post-processing of your data :+1:


Hello tanks Josh.