Why odk briefcase shows success with error when trying to pull and push for Kobotoolbox

I am trying to pull some submissions from my one kobotoolbox server and push to another kobotoolbox server. I have some data in one project of Kobotoolbox and want to send data in another kobotoolbox project using odk briefcase v1.18.0. But when sending data it shows success with error.
Although push creates new project in the Kobotoolbox server and breifcase shows number of submission but finally i find nothing in the server. I need quick solution, your support will be highly appreciated.

Hi @imrankhan
Welcome to the community forum. Kindly have a look at the following discussion which will definitely cover the issue that you had indicated.


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Thanks for your response. Mainly i am getting problem when trying push it to another kobocollect server. I can pull and export to excel. But cannot push.@stephanealoo