Widgets to add timer to a form

We have a form we use where we give respondents 60 seconds to respond, and no more. I know other ODK-based services have a widget that allows for a timer. As for functionality, the form creator sets the time; the user can start the timer and stop it, or if the the allotted time runs out, the respondent can no longer enter answers for that set of questions.
Is there something like this in the KoboToolbox, or would the ODK plug-in widgets also work in KoboCollect? If so, how would we implent it?
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Welcome back to the community, @qnaservices! Could you share a sample of the same so that it would be easy for us to understand your needs?

Thank you, Kal_Lam. I cannot share the actual content as I do not own it. However, let me try to give an example.
In order to participate, a respondent has to demonstrate the ability to read. They must read from a list of words in 60 seconds.
ball cat talk no also
about could tell lose your
with been can two out
yes look they is there
We want to know if there is a plug-in/add-on we can use that will allow them to "start’ the exercise, then allow them 60 seconds to do it. It would be helpful if the timer could ‘stop’ with a user command if the respondent finishes the task before 60 seconds elapses.
Does this already exist, or are there ODK plug-in/add-on’s available that can do this for us?

@qnaservices, it seems like it’s the literacy widget you are referring to. If yes, please see this post discussed previously. It should solve your issue:

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