Women Interest Group

*** me of Beneficiary:

  • Village name:

  • Head of the house:

  • Contact info?

  • Cnic no?

  • Area of Expertise of women:

  • How many type animals at home:

  • Which type of pet she has?

  • Livestock condition

  • The number of cows?

  • price

  • Number of Goats?

  • Local price

  • The Number of Sheep

  • price

  • Who is the decision-maker, what livestock, livestock? Products and markets have theGreatest benefits for women?

  • What are the patterns of market?

  • Are these

  • Dependent on the livestock

  • Species or products?

  • How do these patterns of the market

  • Participation influence income

  • Management by women?

  • What are the patterns of livestock?

  • Ownership and what is the

  • Importance of livestock as an

  • *Asset for women?

  • Purchasing and positioning fodder at buying sites;

• liaising with livestock keepers and local brokers regarding the numbers, ages, and sex of the livestock to be purchased, as well as when and where;

• agreeing on a provisional price structure;

• arranging transport;

• recruiting local handlers;

• building temporary handling facilities and loading ramps;

• arranging payment procedures.

Geographic data: State County:

Questionnaire number

Household data:

Head of Household (Name): Gender of respondent: male, female

Relationship of the respondent: self,

spouse, child

parent , other (5),


Marital status: single ,

married, widowed

, divorced

Type of household: resident or __________

Household economy data: Main income source:

the exploitation of natural resources

additional income through renting out animals

Welcome to the community forum. Could you please clarify which issue you are having?


Thanks,i am new leaner of this forum.i am collect data of livestock/ pet animals household.

Hi @Mrs,

As a starter, i would recommend you to go through our support articles here. You could also visit this site to learn more on how to design your xlsform by yourself.

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Thanks for guidance

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