Write the phone number in a language other than English

Can I write the phone number in a language other than English, such as Arabic?

and the XLS file is the same file I send it before


Do you mean while collecting data? If yes, i must say it’s possible (but you should use the unicode for this).

Yes the keyboard for the phone is Arabic
when we collected data the researchers write the phone number but kobo does not read it

Could you share a screenshot of the same. Maybe it would be helpful!

Arabic keyboard

Did you try it with a unicode? Would you mind trying with a unicode? It should work.

Sorry but I don’t understand what is the unicode and how to write it

Maybe this should be helpful:

ohh okk
but is their any way to write in xls file the numbers or any rule I can use it to make it easy

There should be some installable app that can directly write in a unicode format for your PC. Try searching for one of them that best suits your requirement.

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Okk I will do it
Thanks a lot for your help

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