X factor submission

Hi Sir,

Can you help what is the reason why I cannot edit the submitted reports/data the error is see attached file. Thanks

Also have a problem regarding the submitted reports/data gathered cannot find in KObo toolbox the submitted report. see attached file. Can you help this problem what is the reason ASAP

Welcome to the community, @uprosper_2022! Could you share with us a better screenshot so that we should also be able to have a look at it with minute details? At the moment, through we are able to see the screenshot it’s difficult to read the details from it.

See attached screen shot. Thanks

Hi Sir, good day! any update regarding my query. Thanks

Hi Sir, any update po regarding on my query until now no response. Thanks

Sir, Just to inform you about my query, on Xfactor submission, that I have already edited and the others data are okey to submit but some of the data are issue an error to submit… What are reasons on this problem error. Kindly feedback sir Thanks