XLS Form download not working

Hi Everyone,

I am very new to the community and just started using KoBoToolbox for one of the projects I am working on. I created my first form using the online builder but now want to add a constraint to the response to one of the questions (limiting the maximum number of selection to three).
However, I cannot export the XLS version of the form. When I select the option to download, nothing happens. In fact, I am also not able to access “Account Settings”. Any help will be appreciated.


hi @ssp, Welcome to the community
As for constraint the question of select_multiple, you can use the formula
You can see the following article:

As for downloading a xls file, As the following photo:


Thank you @MohammedTaleb for the article. Regarding XML form download:

I am following the same process as you described in the image to download the XLS form but nothing happens when I do so. I have tried this many times now.

ok @ssp ,
You might have to click with the left mouse button, not a touchpad

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Thanks a lot. It works :joy:

Appreciate you help @MohammedTaleb