Xlsform import failed

ValueError: unknown type [u ‘integer’]. I have been trying to upload my xlsform for the first time in Kobo collect and i keep getting this error how do I solve. Im quite new to form building.

Unless you can post your form somewhere that folks can look at (preferably here), its going to be hard to identify the cause of the error you are seeing.

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Thanks Xiphware. I have uploaded the form:

Cyclone_idai_household survey_2.xls (121 KB)

Hi @tsuro,

Could see some syntax error in your attached questionnaire which xlsform language does not support. For e.g. please see the image below:

Image 1

select_one education or_other is not allowed. You should either make it select_one education or make it select_one or_other.

P,lease note: Space within a variable name is not allowed.

For further understanding on how to build your xlsform please visit the following links:





Please note: Once you get rid of the syntax errors from your xlsform you should be able to upload and deploy your survey project smoothly.

Have a great day!

Thanks [Kal_Lam]. I have managed to fix all the syntax errors.
However, I am now failing to ‘get blank form’ on the Kobo collect App even after I set my settings correctly. Its saying invalid username and password for server: https://kc.kobotoolbox.org

Hi @tsuro,

Have you managed to successfully deploy your survey form. If yes, please have a look at the support article here to link your KoBoCollect android app with the KoBoToolbox server.

Have a great day!

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