Yearly Storage Limits


So im currently on the free plan, and im getting the message in the attached image. We have not had a project this year and only starting with our first one, our last project was deployed August 2023, so why am i getting year storage limits?

Edit: i have deleted all previous questionnaires and data of older projects, yet yearly storage limit is still over, please advise.


Thank you

Welcome back to the community, @archibald! The storage threshold per account is 1GB. You will either need to delete your projects to keep your account within the storage threshold the system provides or you will need to upgrade your storage options through SETTINGS>Plans.

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Thank you Kal_Lam for your response.

Yes i figured out that i needed to logout and log back in until the storage reflect the new size after deleting all previous projects, i was confused when i deleted them all and the storage was still exceeding the maximum size allowed, so i wrote this post.

Thank you again.


@archibald, :tada: