You Cant Upload Data in XLS onto the Platform

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I have done a survey and input the survey data in xls form. Now, I want to upoad the form in KoboToolbox. I tried “Upload your XLS form Directly” in Project view of my account. But it continuously sending a notice regarding “*The survey sheet is either empty or missing important column headers.”. What should I do now?

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It seems you are trying to upload data that sits within excel document onto the system. If that is the case, this is not fully compatible with our system. KoBoToolBox is not designed to accept data uploads from XLS. The function XLS upload is actually to upload a form design in XLS form and not data



Let me add a word of clarification. KoBo helps you create a form that you can deploy over the internet to a web browser or an android device using KoBoCollect. You then enter the data in the deployed form and submit your form(s). This can be done on-line or off-line, anywhere in the world, although you need to be connected initially to load the form once and then again to upload the data.

After the data has been uploaded, you go to KoBoToolbox and download the data, which is stored in an Excel format in a cloud-based server. You download the data in XLS format, open it with Excel, and then you are free to analyze it in any way that you want. KoBo also has some built-in data analysis tools.

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Would you mind having a look at the workaround outlined by @tinok. It should solve your issue:

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and i am having the same issue, and i will be glad to have some assistance to address this.

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Welcome to the community! Please follow the instructions outlined in the above post (5).

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