Zapier with KoboToolbox

Has anyone successfully used Zapier ( to get data in or out of Kobo. I want to use the API to push data our of Kobo into Salesforce, but I am not a programmer so I need to use a tool like Zapier. Anyone have any experience or recommendations?

Anybody??? Buhler… Buhler…

I haven’t used Zapier. I have had a lot of success pulling Kobo data into JasperReports Server via the API. So the Kobo API is functional and seems reliable.

Salesforce has an REST API just like Kobo. It shouldn’t be horrendous to get the two services talking to one another. Check out Postman. Postman makes it easy to dip a toe into API work. Using Postman I was able to figure out how API stuff works in order to link Kobo data with JasperReports. With a little effort you may be able to achieve your end state without using a more complex intermediary like Zapier.