I am now successfully using Zapier to export data from Kobo into several other apps. I do this by using the JSON export Rest API to a Zapier Webhook.

This has been great for most of the data, but I still need help getting pictures into other apps. Does anyone have knowledge of how to parse the API get specific picture links that I can then important into other tools. Currently I can only get Picture File Name information:

I also have another field called “attachments” which includes all attachment URL’s (Not seperated into individual fields). It is quite lengthly, and is not just the url of the photo.

When I pull this info into trello I get the links, but they do not expand as photos, and when I go in the links seem to be expired:

Does anyone know how to pull information out of the API for specific URL links so that I can pull into Trello or another online tool?

Also is Kobo in talks to integrate with Zapier directly, not just with API?