A SVG image is randomly showed into the Navigator


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I’m using this feature : https://blog.enketo.org/image-map/
so I build this form : https://ee.kobo.immap.org/single/xKSZxp2U
To try this out ? You can click “Next” until you see this question “Dans combien de zone d’intervention votre organisation est elle présente ?”, then you fill the box with “1” before clicking on “Next”; You may suppose to see an map of the far north region of Cameroun with clickable area.
This map doesn’t show on all computers and I’m not able to figure out why ?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. …You can simply try out the form in different Microsoft Edge instance and see the behavior.
    the xlsx form is shared, the svg file too

Expected behavior

I expect an image with clickable area

Actual behavior

some computers shows the expected results, others show nothing

Additional details

I build different SVG, and I got the same results.
Windows 10 ; Microsoft Edge 93.0 ; Computer

I used the same browser on all computers

Let’s say, the issues depends on computer.

If it doesn’t work on a browser of a computer, then it will not work on all browsers of this computer. and vice-versa (if its work on one browser of a computer then it will work on all browsers)

It appears like the svg doesn’t get created successfuly.

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Welcome to the community, @djonkou! Have you followed the post discussed previously, it should help you solve your issue:

Hi Kal_Lam,

… the post shows partially the answer.
In fact if you choose an online collection, then it works. But if you choose the online-offline collection then it won’t work !

When you choose online-offline, if the svg is displayed on condition, then its creation is forwarded to the service worker. (enketo-webform-bundle.min.js) and the creation of the SVG will fail because it uses creationElement to create path instead of creationElementNS as it is recommended

Thanks for your support !