About Expiry of Legacy Plan

Dear Kam_Lan,

I want to inform you that we do surveys at many locations. Each location has separate login Ids & Passwords. I just give the project access from my ID then they are able to collect data. Data size is big.
So I want to know, I should purchase a plan “only for my Main Id” or “for each location ID”.

Mean 1 plan or different plan.

Kindly send a mail id or contact number so that our representative can contact the Kobo Team. We submitted an issue on “Contact | KoboToolbox” before 5 to 6 days later. But I could not get a reply till date.

@Rohitggn, yes, you will only need to purchase or go with a paid plan for the account from where you deployed your project as this is the admin account. The enumerators account with whom you shared your projects are only responsible for data collection. All the data gets stored in the admin account. For more details please feel free to reach us though info@kobotoolbox.org.

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Thanks a lot for help again

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