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I lost database with data in my professionnal account! what can i do to recover it please. It’s very important for me

Hi @nar6
Thank you for your query. Could you please clarify what you mean by

Kindly provide as much details as possible about the loss i.e.

  1. What is the definition of loss?
  2. When did this happen?
  3. Which server was your professional account on?
  4. Did this happen to all your projects?
  5. Is that account shared by other users?
  6. Can you still access other projects


Thanks Stephane! I want to say that i maked a error of manipulation and i deleted a data base. This base had some data for my organisation. What can i do to recover these data. Thanks for your help.

  1. I make a error of manipulation and delet the database
  2. it happened on Thursday
  3. Should I give you the link to my server?
  4. it’s only a project
  5. Yes two other users with me but the error provide to me
  6. Yes i can access to the others projects
    Thanks for your help
  1. I want to say that this error comes to me.

Hi @nar6
Unfortunately we are not able to recover data when it has been deleted. that is why we provide multiple prompts that would enable you make the decision prior to deletion. So sorry for your loss.


Okay. I will see how to restart the base for another collection. In reality I was working on two accounts, one for testing and the other for data management. Unfortunately I switched to the correct account believing I was in the account where I am testing the tools.
thank you