Access Permissions

At initial project stage i need 3 roles

superuser - who has all permissions
admin - all administrative privileges except deleting things
contractor - only wants to view and submit forms so nothing admin wise

admins and superusers have access and can see the forms I’ve imported (currently 4)

but still at this moment contractors only see these screens/notifications upon login


Thanks to all who have helped me out with this project thus far, appreciated!

@kh1, have you gone through this article Row-Level Permissions? It should also help you answer your queries.


I have ticked this on all accounts and still contractors see the you do not have permission to perform that action

fine with admins and super_admin

do i need to re upload the forms to get the contractors to see these? even though they have permissions to add submissions and view forms?

still experiencing the issue :S @Kal_Lam

still experiencing this issue

@kh1, I have requested some details through a private message so that I could test it at my end.

have replied, thank you

have searched “You do not have permission to perform this action.” and it doesn’t return anything helpful within these forums

have done several searches now and still cant figure this out, can someone point me to a resolution please

Hi @kh1,

Which action are you trying to perform? Did you reply to message from @Kal_Lam?

i have 3 tiers of users

super admins - have all admin permissions within admin page and form settings
admins - have all admin permissions bar deleting things same for form settings
contractors - no admin permissions - just view form and add submissions on the forms

super admins and admins can see the forms when logging in as intended

contractors has this loading screen and ““You do not have permission to perform this action.””

have communicated with @Kal_Lam and latest response is:

“this feature is something else and is not related to the sharing permission feature. You will need to follow the support article for this action.”

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The users with view form and add submissions permissions will only see the form when you share the link of the form with them: Collecting Data through Web Forms — KoboToolbox documentation

they have those options the ones with minimal settings SHOULD be able to view and add submissions yet the accounts just login to the loading screen.

@kh1 Can you share a screenshot of the Sharing Permission screen of one of your “contractors”?

could i pm you? @hakan_cetinkaya

Yes you can PM me @kh1, but solving the problem in here would help more people potentially.

In order for them to view submissions, you should give them proper permissions: which can be seen in here: Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions — KoboToolbox documentation

See view submissions permission.

its not to view submissions, contractors need to just be able to view the forms and submit form data.

can someone please direct me to a solution for this please, read my previous posts for clarification or DM me if you need it explaining more clearly

Thank you

been struggling on this for a week now and have made no progress

can users with just view forms and submit form data not get this view in kobo?

view project maybes (they don’t need to be able to edit to have access to manage / delete / duplicate )

@kh1, as this is an issue from a self-hosted server I have changed this topic category accordingly.

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it has to be easy to resolve this for one set of users surely :+1: