Disable actions for basic users

I as part of the IT Team for my company have been asked to develop a system using KoboToolbox on our own server that has three user levels

Super user - can do everything
Admin - can do everything apart from delete things
Contractor - who can only view forms and submit form data

I have set access levels up to a point and viewing and filling the forms has been tested and form data can be turned into reports as required but as a contractor with minimal access these users can still clone the forms alongside delete them, the option to download the xml or xsl is also irrelevant for them.

I have been having this issue for around a week now and still feel like this can be done however I have not found a fix or workaround.

In due course as the business grows i could see this being built and developed so people such as those related to dealing with the administrative side such as Sage and Eque2 being incorporated to KoboToolbox but I’d need these actions for deleting forms and extended privileges sorted in order to make our business tasks more automated and less work within this system.

Please find the process and thread in search for a resolution to this here: Access Permissions

@kh1, so you will need these controls at the server level? Correct? This should be possible at the project level (already available with the sharing permissions) if needed at the project level.

i cant seem to get this working as intended with current settings

@kh1, didn’t this discussion solve your issue?

getting super close

just need to disable the option for contractors remove themselves from forms

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still struggling to get an answer to this @ks_1 mentioned maybe editing the repo but I’m lost at the moment.

Thoughts? or a link to where i can delve into this subject further?