Add "Other" choice to dynamically created select_one list


I am using link below to generate dynamic list in select_one option through repeat function.

I would like to add one “Other” choice to above list… any workaround?

for a

Any possibility we can add “Other” choice to above dynamically generated list?

@prashant_nf_kobo, do you mean you wish to add other to the link in a repeat group question?

No, I just want to add one more default choice as “Other” in the dynamic list.
through repeat I add 3 names.

  1. John
  2. Max
  3. Alex

I want to add one more choice i.e. Other as 4th option in select list.
4. Other (please specify)

@prashant_nf_kobo, have you gone through this post discussed previously? It should solve your issue:


Yes, I have gone through the post.
I tried few other workaround but none is working.
Concate, join is not working too.