Adding a value or "tag" to previous and new submissions

I would like to add a static value e.g. a “tag” to form submissions that also gets applied to previous submissions. I’ve tried filling the _tags field in multiple ways (adding a project tag in the project list view, updating it through the API), but it remains empty even on newly submitted forms (this has been raised earlier).

What would be a way to add some sort of tag to both submitted and new forms?

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Welcome to the community! Would you mind sharing a bit more so that we could have a closer look to see if it’s doable through KoBoToolbox?

Thanks a lot @Kal_Lam ! What I’m trying to achieve is adding form metadata (e.g. form owner, form name) to each submission so that I have access to it when fetching submission data through the API ({form-id}/data/?format=json endpoint).

It is indeed possible for new form submissions (by adding a “Calculation” in the Form Builder or hidden field or calculation in XLSForm and the value will be in the response for new form submissions.

I’m trying to find a way to add the same piece of data to forms that have been already submitted so that we have access to the info when fetching the old submissions again.

@Kal_Lam I have the same requirement. Use case is that we’re collecting data for 1 survey type across 3 different forms/project instances. We therefore want to “tag” each form with the survey_type name so that we can easily identify that all data belongs to the same data set. The trick is that data collection has already started… so is there any way to retroactively add tags to data for a project?

Also, can you please clarify how the Kobo metadata field _tags works?