Adding an audio recording question into your form

Hello, apologies if this is redundant to another topic covered in the forum, but a cursory search didn’t produce any answers in either the forum or the “Help” topics directly from KoBoToolbox.

I built a survey using the form building function, not from code using Excel. I want to record audio clips as answers from directly in my survey as I administer it, but the only thing I’ve been able to do is when I test the survey’s questions that have “audio file” as the answer type, it offers to upload a previously recorded sound clip but not capture one at that moment. Is there a description of how to do this anywhere?


Hi @cait885 ,

Good question and it’s probably something we need to document better. Are you administering the survey via KoBoCollect or through a web form?

If you are using the KoBoCollect app on a tablet and you also have a recording app installed, when you use the Audio question type, it should automatically open the recording app (after clicking Record button) when you get to that question in the form. Then once the recording is over, it will direct you away from the recording app and back to the form.

Thanks for the reply! I’m using KoboCollect on a tablet running Android. Right now when I click on it, it says: “No activity to handle: record sound” although I have a sound recording app installed (“easy voice recorder”). Thoughts?


It’s possible its the recording app you have installed. Most of them should be compatible, but some apps work better than others. ODK’s documentation recommends either Audio Recorder from Sony or RecForge II.

I’ve personally had better luck with RecForge than the Sony app.


Tried Sony’s, which did take a recording, and then would crash when you return to KoBo. Then tried RecForge, and it seems to be working fine!

Thank you so much- this will really streamline my interview process. Very much appreciate the response and help!


You’re welcome, glad it’s working for you now!

This help a lot. Please how can I make audio exist in form from the beginning of the to the end.
Is it possible for the interviewer/user to be unaware?