Adding calculations after Data collection

Hi KoBos,
what is the best option to add some calculation types after data collection. We collected GPS geoshape data and would now like to add the calculations for area and distance (ODK functions, we hope working also in KoBoCollect)… Of course, without affecting existing data.
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Hi @wroos

Please refer to this previously posted topic that discusses the area() function.

Dear Mike,
thanks for reply. (We had read this before and know about the area function.)
Our question is:
AFTER data collection, incl. geoshape, we want to add a calculation of the area of this geoshape. As extension to the submitted data in KoBoCollect.
Can we just create a new form version, with an additional area() calculation field, re-deploy it and “edit” the records online. (Should, the new calculation variable better be added at the end of the form?)
The area is an example for a more general question, how can we best add calculations in submitted KoBo data. (Adding special constraints might be another request for QA.)
Kind regards