Adding image to a question

Hi all,

Yesterday I dit a trial and with the help I got here, I managed to add a picture to a question. Right now I’m trying to add several pictures to my final questionnaire and it’s not working. I have no clue why!

Anyone who know what the reason might be?

Thanks a lot!

@alexine11, you are facing this issue because you have 2 languages in your xlsform. One labeled as English and the other left unlabeled. You will need to follow the instructions as outlined in the post discussed previously to display the image when you have 2 different languages:

It’s still nog working…

Now I try to continue editing the form and I get this notification:

@alexine11, my advise on this. If you have only one language then why would you keep or have another label column:

Here too …

My advice would be to keep or have only the label column needed. Besides, I also did not see the image file name under the column as shown in the post shared above. Please have a closer look at the post shared above. You will see the media file name in both languages.

Thank you so much for your advice and patience!!

Good to know this! I think I changed it as you explained and it’s stil nog working…

Well your image name should now be Twee.PNG instead of Twee.pgn. Check out the exact wording as shown in SETTINGS>Media. This should solve your issue.

I did not know capital letters are important. But… it’s working!! Thank you so much @Kal_Lam !


@alexine11, you could use the small code if your file had a small code (e.g. png, but as they have PNG, you will have to go with what’s there in the file name). Great to hear that it finally worked for you.


Para que el formulario pueda leer y vincular todos los archivos, es importante escribirlos en la columna que correspondan con la misma nomenclatura.

Por ejemplo
Mi archivo de audio se llama Hola.mp3
En la columna media::audio el nombre es Hola.mp3

Así no tendrá ninguna dificultad.


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