Adding video to kobo forms

I am also facing the same issue. Has the issue been resolved at the form builder’s end?

Could you give more details about the problem you are facing with potential screenshots


This is the coding I have used:

After replacing the form with this particular XLS, I have redeployed the form.
I went to media section of settings tab and uploaded the required video:

After getting 100% uploaded, it comes like this (check bottom left of screen):

And the page gets refreshed and nothing is actually uploaded:

For information, I am using Google chrome browser.

Hope this helps.

Hi @phiafoundation
I noted the video type is an mp4 which as @Kal_Lam had mentioned, has a known issue.

I would however recommend a workaround; though laborious, as indicated below.


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Thanks @stephanealoo for the suggestion.
But practically, it is not possible to get this done at field level in more than 70 mobile phones. In such case, I would prefer using other mediums to circulate the message in the team groups that is easy for the team also to follow.

However, I would request the Kobo team to please resolve this issue as I feel that building it in form would always be the most preferred option.

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Hi @MalcolmDB, @DSimon, @shinehtetlinn, @phiafoundation

Users should now be able to upload a video file in the server to make a video question.


Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Data entry screen as seen in KoBoCollect android app:

Reference xlsform:
Video Question Check.xlsx (11.0 KB)

Media file (in mp4 format):
Unable to upload an mp4 format as the platform does not support the same. Try using any sample that is available at your end.

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Great news, thank you!

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Thanks to all of them who answered the query very well. I just want to share one important point while adding video to Kobo form. That is, the video must be optimized with the help of the InShot Pro APK before uploading. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thank you for posting this. I am trying to upload a video .mp4 format to a form, and I am still getting the same issue mentioned in this thread - thats seems had been solved back then. I am following the steps one by one, but I keep on getting a error message saying it couldn’t be uploaded. Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @Violetafernandezm! This support article should help you solve your issue:

Hi @Kal_Lam, thank you for your quick answer!

Unfortunately any of this worked. I was using the support article’s instructions, but the problem is that when I try to upload any video file it gives me an error message, so it is never uploaded in the media section of kobo. I have tried with -avi, .mov and nothing worked. I tried uploading other files like an image and it did work…

@Violetafernandezm, which server are you using?

I’m using google chrome

Maybe this support article Which Server Should I Use should help you identify the server you are using.

Hi @Kal_Lam , thank you! apologies for the mistake… I am using the humanitarian version

@Violetafernandezm, could you share a screenshot of the error message? This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Sure, I attach it below.
When I try uploading a video file, and this happens:

I tried with image files and it does upload them correctly. It’s only with video files - with all different formats.

@Violetafernandezm, I just tried uploading a sample mp4 file and could upload and deploy it. FYR:

Uut of my curiosity, could you also let us know the total size of your video file? Maybe it’s too large?

Sure, the video is 104 MB

Could you zip it and try it again? Maybe zipping should help.