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Helllllo, dear amazing community members

So recently I have been working on a new project and I have had to filter options based on the choice of previous answer, well, it isn’t as simple as I’m explaning, but let me eleborate.

I have the question 1, " Q1 - Select the camp or cc " with options : Op1, Op2 … Op6.

In the next question, I have " Q2 -Select the camp letter " with the options ," A, B, C , … X"

No, I want the second question’s options to be filtered based on the Q1 answer, knowing that some of the options of Q1 may have the same options of Q2. Ex:

The Op1 and Op2 and Op3 and Op4 from the Q1 should see the options “A, B, C, D” from Q2.

So I couldn’t use the normal filter, because I want each option from Q1 to so see specific options from Q2…

As you can see in this pic, if the option Op1 from cctype list had been selected I want the filter Op1 to apply to the list “csector_letter”, if the Op2 is the one been selected in cctype I want the filter list Op2 to show up in the list “csector_letter”

I’m attaching the document so it easier to check.

maseterlist_test - Kopya.xlsx (15.9 KB)

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Hi @musto and welcome back!

It seems cascading options should work for you.

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Hakan bey, I’m a big fan of your replys and solutions, thanks alot.

Well as I mentioned I knwo how to use the cascading select but what I’m looking for is a bit far.

If you select the op1, or op2 or op3 or op4 in q1 each option of Q1 options has both different options and same options.

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Maybe using/combining more than one choice_filter (column) might help.

For better understanding, maybe you could provide here a table or decision table with the valid choice combinations.


Thanks, how I can combine more than one column?

I have already uploaded the work file and a pic to explain the chalange.

You can just combine the expressions with and/or in the choice_filter column of the survey sheet refering to the column names in the choices sheet of your XLSForm. Also, an if clause should work
You can also include a reference to the name column of the choice_list.

Hint: A disadvantage with dynamic choice filters is that they are not active when you print out an empty XLSForm, so the choice list may appear empty. Some workaround would be to rename the choice_filter column in the survey sheet temporarily for the printing (e.g. XXchoice_filter).



This post by Kal explains to create an IF statement for a multiple condition choice filter:


Thank you so much, dear @hakan_cetinkaya and @wroos