After creating a user to access a form, what is the password will be how to check it?

after creating a user to access a form, what is the password will be how to check it?

Sorry did not understand your issue. Could you simplify it again so that the community should be able to help you out?

thank you for the quick response
i have created a user: testuser… when i add the form to a tablet it ask for user name and password… i put testuser as the user name and the password required as well , where to set the password for the users

i want each user has its own user name and password

Could you also share the screenshot of the message that ask you for the password?

Have you gone through this post discussed previously? It should solve your issue:

i already did that… but my question is if i add 10 users to submit the survey … what password they need to use on the table to get the form and did the form submission

They will need to use the password for that particular user account. Say you have the admin user name test with the password admin. You share a project from test to test_test. If test_test should have a password test_test then you will need to configure the same with login password of test_test and not the password admin.

Hope I was able to explain it clearly?

in which place i can configure the password for Test_test … when you create the user its not allow you to add passwords

If you are simply sharing the project with another user, you will not need to configure the user credentials. Maybe this support article should help you better understand on how to make a row-level permission:

i think i mixed somethings together …
ok lets start over … if i have 5 tablets … and these 5 tables are used by 5 different user
when i collect data i want to know which user did the survery
how to do that please?

So are you planning to use the web form or Collect android app to collect data?

android app

If it’s the android app, you will need to configure metadata username as outlined in our support article:

Eight-character password is recommended because it’s long enough to provide adequate security and still short enough for users to easily remember.