After submission of form, showing wrong input(due to duplicate name but within different list name)

after submission of kobo form, when the entry is checked on kobo website, incorrect answers are seen in the form. Most probably, it is due to same name under choices list but these names are under different list names
Also, i have already mentioned ‘allow duplicates’ in the settings sheet of xls form.

this problem has started from last 2 months, before that everthing was working properly

below i have attached photos of my xls form and online submitted form

you will find in one of the photo that for the question, “Reason for mortality” answer should be “Other reason” but it is showing “Other activity”
in the photos below you will find that these both options have same name but are in different name list. also in settings sheet of xls form, i already have mentioned “allow_choice_duplicates”


Would you mind sharing with us a screenshot of the choices (not only a single line as shown in the image shared below but as a list of choices) that has a typo in the input as other activity for Reason for morality.


as seen in the image above, i am getting this problem that for the same name ‘other’ but under different ‘list name’, submitted form is showing interchanged answers

means for selected question ‘mortality’ it should show ‘other reason’ but it is showing ‘other activity’.
below i have attached the kobo online form, where the interchanged answer is seen

The bug was reported in other posts in the community too. See and
Glitch in submission record preview

There seem also to be related tickets inGitHub



Could you kindly share with us the following through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your issue:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@mohan_n, could you also kindly provide us the _id that has this issue.

ids are as follows
and also similar instances at many other forms

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@mohan_n thank you for providing me the details. I could see the issue. Also please be informed that this is the same issue that has already been reported in the GitHub as outlined by @wroos. Will let you know when the issue is solved.

Thank you sure, awaiting your reply.

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@mohan_n, thank you for reporting this error. The problem should be fixed by our latest deployment: Release Notes - version 2.021.06

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