Alert Storage

Hello community

I have been alerted about the storage space that I have been using in my account, I do not know how accurate the accounting of the use of space is in my opinion I know that I have few forms, as well as few submissions (9531 submissions in total) in terms of usage From multimedia collection I have only collected photographs and recently audio, and there will be no more than 450 submissions that contain multimedia evidence, so I would like to know how accurate the accounting for the use of space is.

Attached is an image of the shipping and space usage alert.

Welcome back to the community, @Dw_Rivera! Maybe you will need to check your project to see if you have any media question types there to capture audio, video, images or files. These media question type should take up space for your account.

If I have questions that collect photographs and I have two forms that collect 2 audio responses (an approximate maximum of 1000 photographs and two audios of no more than 2 hours of recording). In my opinion this should not exceed more than 1GB of storage.

@Dw_Rivera, maybe try making a dummy submission and check the storage used under ACCOUNT SETTINGS>Usage. This should give you an idea of where you should upgrade your storage. If you feel like it should not exceed 1GB, then you need not upgrade your storage plan.