Allow_choice_duplicates Error Message

i am having this Allow_choice_duplicates Error Message when i try to preview my form. I haev tried looking for duplicates but i can’t seem to find one. Can anyone assist me . I am trying to upload my xml file but it tells me new users can’t.


Welcome to the community, @nthomford! Would you mind going through our previous post (it should help you understand your issue better):

Besides, you could also validate your xlsform through this online validator which should help you identify syntax issues that are present within.

Thank you very much for the assistance. But the online validator doesn’t give me any information. it practically repeats the error message

Yes, that information you get from the online validator is the clue for the syntax error present within your xlsform. Generally, it should not give you any issue if you do not have any syntax errors within your xlsform.

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Thank you very much problem solved.

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