Alternative for my matrix question in KoboCollect

Dear all,

I just made the matrix questions to now find out it doesnt work for the kobocollect app. Since I won’t have internet in the field I can not use the web interface. Is there another way to create a table quesiton like that?

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Thank you in advance.

Many greetings,

Welcome to the community @yanthe! Kindly please be informed that data for a matrix question can be collected through Enketo even in an offline mode as outlined and discussed in our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

If you wish to collect a tabular data through Collect android app you could by designing your survey form using list-nolabel with the appearance. However, please note that there are some certain limitations with this approach which is you are not able to design your table with a multiple column that the matrix question supports.

You could have a look at our post discussed previously to learn more on how to use this approach:


Thank you so much! that was really helpful! it feels tricky to just use the browser, but it works!