Android application unable to reach the global server through new URL


Kobo Collect (version 2023.1.2), is not bale to reach the global server through its new URL “”,

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set a new project in Kobo Collect
  2. Fill the URL as “
  3. Fill the other fields (user name, password…)
  4. Try to fetch blank forms

Expected behavior

The list of available blank forms appears

Actual behavior

Modal window with error message (translated from my French GUI): “Collect cannot reach the server at Have you correctly entered the URL? If you continue to have this problem, notify the person who has asked you to collect data.”

Additional details

Everything works flawlessly with the former URL “” or with “”, and with the same credentials.

Welcome back to the community, @freedim! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks, the mentioned solution is already mentioned in my OP.

The problem lies in the documentation, which advertises a non-functioning URL as the main new URL.


Thank you for this @freedim! We sill surely update the documents soon.

Where did you see this in the documentation @freedim? On the relevant page in the documentation it uses the correct URL with the kc-eu subdomain.

In the UI where the help text for setting up the app includes the server URL, it also uses the correct server subdomain: is the new address for signing in to KoboToolbox. As before, the server for configuring Collect is on a separate subdomain. We are working to put them on a single domain, but this is still the behavior as before.

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I probably did not look at the relevant page. However, I cannot find the page where I saw it either.

The page, I believe in the support documentation, was explaining how the URLs where being shifted and how there was a 6-month transition period from 1st September where the former URLs were being redirected to the new ones. Three URLs were mentioned there, including eu. and kc-eu. subdomains.

Actually I have just found the page that I read:

I am not a native English speaker and I find the language a bit confusing, as if there was a unique main new URL replacing all former ones. Reading carefully makes me understand that the page only speaks about Kobo server, but I suppose mentioning explicitly that Kobo Collect was not concerned would have helped me.

@freedim, you should be able to access it from here (as shown in the image below):

Yes, thanks, it is the case already.

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