API data export from OCHA server (kobo.humanitarianresponse.info)

@tinok let me know that the fix allowing an API token for downloading data exports is now deployed to kobo.humanitarianresponse.info

That means that we can get access to survey results in progress, including HXL hashtags, for dashboards (etc).

I put a sample *nix shell script here using curl and jq: https://github.com/OCHA-DAP/kobo-export

And a bit of documentation here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K5yqY2gF7VI473pxy7d7qY4ckP2BoNgPjCKpzdhdq8o/edit?ts=5f0f7b58

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Hi @david.megginson,

Welcome to the community! Thank you for sharing the documents in the community and making the community rich with KoBoToolbox resources.

Have a great day!

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Thank you!

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In case anyone would like to experiment with using Kobo and the HXL Proxy together, I’ve written some preliminary instructions here:

Note that right now, they will work only with https://beta.proxy.hxlstandard.org

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For those not familiar with the HXL Proxy, here’s what this means: it’s now possible to extract in-progress survey data from Kobo on request, transform it (e.g. aggregate, remove sensitive rows/columns, etc), then share the results through a public link suitable for web visualisations, without setting up a separate VM and web environment. This will let us incorporate more-sophisticated visualisation tools into the Kobo processing chain, like Simon Johnson’s HXL Dash.

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