Approval Workflow using Kobo (Post submission ?)

Hello community
I am referecing the solution in this thread Record validation (post submission) - #15 by Kal_Lam
I am still pretty new to Kobo and using the forms more in support functions. From what I understood from this solution that we can EDIT and APPROVE the submission directly from Enketo with no need to have access to the Dashboard ?
could you please help me find the guide on how I should structure my Survey in order to Achieve this ?

My use case will be a requestor will ask for vacation leave through kobo form
HR will open review the submission (change of status) and after that a coordination level will approve the submission.

My initial plan is to create several Kobo forms and pull the data from each to another using the Dynamic Data Attachments method, but that was a challenge as I have repeating groups in the form within a matrix question Thus I won’t be able to pull the data (this option is not supported yet Using instance() to retrieve data from Group questions as I understood in here)
I’ll be using this method in many other subjects such as logistics(fleet and storage) Finance (payment approval and other)

Thank you

Welcome to the community, @alaeddine! It’s just an added variable that is not seen to normal users unless you select supervisor. Once selecting supervisor, you will see another response that you will need to update as supervisor.

To validate a submission, you will need to use the validate feature from the system. As you only have one user to validate the option, the post shared previously tries to share a workaround where you could use multiple users as supervisors.

Hello @Kal_Lam
Thank you for the quick reply
this is well received so I redid a quick mapping (excuse my mapping skills ) of the process

this made think to use this workaround and call the data from previous submissions
Please note that either by using the email notification using microsoft automate or google sheeets with some scripts I’ll be sending tokens notification of submission to the validator and approver.
Also having having approve as a question is more then enough for my use, don’t need to have it approved from the system"

I tried to find resources on the below features but nothing specific was found.
1/how to open the kobo submission for editing based on match values from the previously submitted records and/or
2/ how to pull data from previously submitted records

Do you think such use case is feasible ? if so any resources you can recommend ?
I’ll be only using Enketo submissions for these use cases