Area determination based on tree seedlings planted

Dear team,
Based on formular for calculating area planted, see ‘calculate’ question type on Pinus carribea in xlsform attached. Despite this formular used, the enko preview interface, doesn’t display area value. Yet, I also don’t get any error message for the formular used. Your assistance is highly sought.
Monitoring-afforestation.xlsx (136.2 KB)


The calculation seems to work on a test :
test_div.xlsx (9.4 KB)


Have you tried removing your formatting tags and seeing if the problem still there?
You could check you dont have any duplicate xml names that might be messing it up - try cloning the project and removing the other questions to see if the problem persists.
Share screenshots of your output so people can try help you better :wink:

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Welcome @goli,
Did you check your form with the online validator - which will e.g. give an error for duplicate names (in survey and choices sheet)?

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Dear Ralphthomson,
I thank you for the insight, but i would like it display in amatrix/tabular form to reduce the number of questions on those given tree species. If you preview my xlsform, they are in a matrix and would like it display the area value immediately the seedling quantities are entered.


Hello wroos,
Yes, i did and there was no error and at the same no autodisplay of area when seedling quantities are entered.

Hi Goli,

I understand your final goal, but to troubleshoot it is easier to try to divide the problem up. That way we can eliminate possibilities and find what the real problem is.

Best wishes

@ralphthompson, you should be able to display your questions in a grid theme layout as outlined in this post discussed previously: