Arrow to click

Hello, in my form on the computer, I created a matrix question to write numbers. For technical purposes, I need to add numbers one at a time in my table columns. The arrows to click respond perfectly to this need. However, when the form is loaded on my cell these small icons disappear. I need your advice!

Nobody can help me?

Hi @gelinottes2019,

It’s probably either one of these two things:

  1. Enketo uses some built-in native browser input and it doesn’t work or works differently on a mobile browser
  2. Enketo renders these arrows themselves and there is a bug.

Since this is likely an Enketo code issue, you should try reporting it on their GitHub issues page to notify them of this behavior.

Thank you. I keep looking for my side.

Also, its possibly an intentional design decision on their part as well. It could be really difficult to press the tiny up and down buttons on some touchscreens

@gelinottes2019, you might try!forum/enketo-users. Keep us posted with whatever you figure out!