Assist in syncing my database

Hey Kal, did you get a solution to this??. I am also facing a similar situation with some repeat group data missing once downloaded in XLS, but I can see that data submitted in the database.

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Refering to your reply on this chat, Can you assist in syncing my database since I am missing some data from the repeat group once I download the data in excel

Welcome to the community, @abrahamK! Could you also share a screenshot of your issue so that we could understand it pictorially?

Thanks @Kal_Lam , Here is the screenshot

I am not able to find the selected data (As seen from image) that was capture by one of our data collecters in November 1st in the repeat group data after downloading the whole master file in xls. This makes it difficult in accurate reporting on progress of data collection since this data is missing from the downloaded database but it can be traced and seen in the online databse. This rises that there might be some other data missing as well and we might be tracking and reporting on the wrong figures of amount of data/submissions. What is the cause of this??

How can you see the repeated data in the online data base, please? They don’t appear in the table view and in reports. (Only in edit modal mode.).

I am not sure if I quite understand your QN @wroos . My point is, I have a designed a form to collect data in a repeat group function. From the submitted data, there is almost 21 records that I can’t find in my excell spreadsheet once I export and download the data. But I can see that data online. The selected data as seen in my screenshot is the data that am referring to ( see image below). @Kal_Lam