Assistance with Unexpected missing data from submitted form when trying to edit the form

Hello Kal,

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I seem to have run into another bug with my form that I shared earlier when the print render was faulty. Data entered in a certain field for “Total” disappears after submission and this affects the calculations that draw from this field. Since the field is a mandatory question; the form could not have been submitted without filling it in.
Please advise on what you believe could be the source of this anomaly.
I have attached a screenshot here as reference.

Image 1

Notice that the entire last row has disappeared and consequently affected the last column that is meant to be read only.

I am available to share any more information that you may require. I am using the ordinary Koboserver (HHI server) and using enketo to collect data. The problem arises when viewing the submitted form

@marc, are you able to see the value in your DATA>Table or when downloading them as XLS format?

Yes, I could see the data in all other views plus when downloaded However, I have since fixed the error that was occurring due to conflicting constraints in the total fields. You can disregard this post.

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Thank you, @marc, for confirming that your issue was solved. We could keep this post as a reference so that our community could also go through it if they have similar issues in the coming days.

@marc, I have blurred the image. Hope this works out for you.

Thank you. That works well.

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