Audio Recording Issues

Whenever I try to use Background Audio Recording Feature while filling forms during voice calls, it doesn’t seem to record any audio on Android version 10 or higher but I don’t face similar issue on my other device with Android version 8.1.0

Welcome to the community, @xani! Kindly please be informed that I made a quick check on my device which has Android OS 12 and it worked smoothly for both KoboCollect v2023.2.4 as well as ODK Collect v2024.1.0.

I would advise you to go through this support article Recording an Entire Interview with Background Audio Recording. It should help you solve your issue.

Hello Kal_Lam, The issue is whenever i am recording the ‘microphone recording’ is enabled and even the timer gets started but it doesn’t capture any voice, The blue bars next to microphone that indicate capturing of voice seems to be frozen while recording when I am on a call while going through the form but if i am not in a voice call it is recording my surrounding voices without any issues.

@xani, it could be a device issue on the client’s side. BTW, are you able to capture audio questions?

it’s not specific for just my device. I have told some friends and colleagues to try the app, they are also facing the similar issue. My personal conclusion is for some reason everything is working great on older Android like 8

whenever i am using Android 8 device and talking to people over call while going through the form things work fine just not on my Android 10 and older versions.

no voice was captured, permission was given record, microphone was enabled, timer was on, i received the recording in the backend but i don’t head anything in the recording. Blue bar that appear next to microphone whenever it captures a voice are frozen in case of my Android 10 device and that’s why i didn’t hear anything at all but I don’t understand why it’s not capturing anything at all

@xani, kindly please be informed that I can see your time at 00:10 which shows that you have at least already recorded for 10 seconds. Maybe make a submission to see that your background audio has already reached the server.

i have recorded audios of 20 minutes as well with no voice

All these recording have no voice, they were recorded with an Android 12 device of Redmi brand.

@xani, would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Note: You could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Hey @Kal_Lam Can you help me with the issue?

Username - anuser1
Project Name - 6Wresearch_Anmol Questionnaire
what does server mean?